To Queerness

The Exquisite Mirror looks to dissect the social categories within which we exist. Interacting directly with the physical, through altering parts of the body at your will, we wish to take the prescriptive nature away from the fashion image and the human form, allowing the viewer to deform and reform their ideals of the ‘perfect’. This ‘perfect’ is also prescribed – at the same time being, paradoxically, subjective – and through unifying a diverse spectrum of subjects in the following work we ask you to question these ideals and create a space where categories disappear.

Words by: Tom Rasmussen

How to Play

Each image in The Exquisite Mirror is split into three. Cycle back and forth through the different heads, bodies and legs; on a laptop or desktop you can either click and drag the images, click the arrows or use the arrow keys on your keyboard, whilst on on a touchscreen device simply swipe. Hit ‘Randomise’ for a random combination of images or click ‘Reset’ to go back to the beginning.

Collaborators in order of appearance

  • T. Wilkey
    C. Cunniff
    Disco shoes
    W. Knight
    T. Andrews
    W. Knight: Venuses
    N. Pat
    H. Smart
    R. Jones
    Hand on bottom
    D. Barragan: Still Life Of Donatello's David
    E. Carlton
    J. Mallinson Bird
    V. Larubina
    W. Knight: Trident
    G. Godwin
    S. Mohammed
    Needle and red thread
    The Cowardly Lion
    B. Jarvis
    H. Carman
    W. Knight: Our Lady
    J. Van Zyl
    R. Sawayama
    S. Deja: Hot Spot
    D. Barragan: Still Life of Laocoon and His Sons
    K. Farmery
    C. Wardroper
    G. La Denim
    A. Zing
    P. Poon
    P. Taylor
    T. Sakai
    R. Fletcher
    S. O'Callaghan
    S. Twitchett
    M. Hurd
    P. Tierney
    K. Friedlander-Boss

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